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People often ask me about the pros and cons of environmental headshots vs. studio headshots and why I specialize in the latter. To be sure, a good headshot photographer can make an effective headshot in a studio or on location, but I prefer to be in the studio for making the most effective headshot with the added efficiency and convenience of a studio setting. To understand why, I’ll explain what makes a good headshot and why it’s easier and more convenient to make good headshots in a studio.

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What makes a good headshot? A good headshot will make a human connection in a world where human connections are hard to make anymore. In two seconds or less, a headshot has to catch someone’s attention, make a good impression, and if everything is perfect, communicate something human like “I’m fun,” or “I’m cool,” or “You can trust me.” To start, it’s difficult to catch people’s attention at all these days, and when they do, headshots usually stand out for looking bad more often than they do for looking good. If someone does look at your headshot they’ll only look at it for two seconds or less and usually in a very small format, such as a social media profile picture, or a business card thumbnail. The split second first impression will be made by the image quality, as people can instantly tell the difference between professional and amateur photography. If the first impression is good you might catch their eye for another second, and that’s when a human connection can be made if the viewer looks deeper into the eyes and facial expression. Therefore, it’s very important that the eyes are properly lit, the subject has a great facial expression, and there are no other distracting elements competing with the face for precious split seconds of attention.

So what’s the problem with environmental headshots? The most common problem is the background, it’s usually distracting, taking attention away from the eyes and face. When you’re shooting outside in nature or in an urban setting it can be difficult to find a background that is better than the simple white, gray or black seamless background we use in the studio. It can be done, but may require some scouting or some luck to find, resulting in a longer, less efficient session. More often, environmental headshots have really bright green backgrounds, power lines or street signs coming out of the back of the head, or other architectural lines intersecting the face in unpleasant ways. An interesting setting may make for a great environmental portrait, but it usually does more harm than good in a headshot. Outdoor headshots are also very dependent on weather and shooting during a particular time of day when the light is nice, two inconveniences that are avoided with studio headshots.

There are additional benefits to studio headshots that result in better pictures and added convenience. Most importantly, we have total control over lighting in the studio. Light is the most important element in photography and it is especially crucial in headshots and portraits. When it’s done properly, light gives shape to the face, puts a sparkle in the eyes, and flatters the skin. In the studio I use 4 lights with big light modifiers carefully placed to make the most flattering light possible. To take those lights outside into the wind and elements is a much riskier venture that requires a bigger budget to accommodate. People are also more comfortable in the studio and it shows up in the pictures (I've written about this previously here). There are fewer distractions and the privacy helps people to feel less self conscious that other people are watching them pose, which is very common when shooting in public locations. All of this allows me to draw the best out of my subjects more easily when I’m in the studio, saving time while improving the results.

For all of these reasons, my best advice is that there is no substitute for a studio headshot. Yes, you may want to supplement your online presence with environmental portraits and editorial portraits, and there may be certain uses for them (about me page of a website for instance). But environmental headshots will rarely perform as well as studio headshots for the things people most commonly use headshots for, and environmental headshots are generally less convenient and more expensive to make. If you need a headshot in Boise Idaho please get in touch through the contact page here.

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I’m excited to announce that we’ve signed the lease on a new studio in Boise! Soon you’ll be able to swing by the studio and get the best headshot you’ve seen in 30 minutes or less. The studio is located off of Vista Ave between Overland and Kootenai. I’m new to Boise but I think it’s a great location, near downtown but with lots of free parking, it should be convenient for most people in Boise. 

If you’ve never had your headshot made in a studio, I think you’ll find it usually creates a better experience and better results than having me come to your location and set up in your office. I think there are a few reasons why people like the studio more. People generally like to get out of the office, so any change of environment can be energizing and that energy shows in the pictures. The environment is more conducive to making good pictures: we have music, total control over the lighting and backgrounds, and none of the typical office distractions. Most people are rarely in a photo studio so it’s kind of special, and they tend to take it a little more seriously. It’s a lot more private than setting up in your conference room, so people tend to be less self conscious when they’re in my studio and that enables me to get the best out of them. Lastly, it’s more affordable because there are no location fees for coming to the studio.

I’ve updated the address on this site and on the contact page. We’re ready to take on studio headshots and portraits by appointment only. There will be some construction going on in the studio for the next few weeks, but we’ll be able to work around the construction schedule. For now, the studio will be bare bones and essentials. I want to keep it minimal this time around, I really appreciate having the wide open space so I can be as creative as possible. I’ll post updates and pictures once the construction is wrapped. Until the studio is completely ready we’re still waiving location fees, so there’s never been a better time to have me come to your office and update everyone’s headshot at once. Contact us here.


It’s official, my wife and I are here in Boise now and all moved in to our new house. My wife starts teaching at Boise State in the fall and I am looking for a studio in downtown Boise. I’ll be looking at studio spaces this week and next and will hopefully get moved in and ready to start making Boise’s best headshots by the end of July. In the meantime I am waiving all location fees for shooting headshots on location at your business. For on location headshots I can do as many as 4 to 40 headshots in one day. Stay tuned to this blog and our Instagram account @boiseheadshots for upcoming headshot specials. More updates to come.

This is Cozi’s new headshot! She crushed her “All Business” headshot session and picked out one of her favorites from the white background. I love the confidence in her sparkling blue eyes, and her inviting smile. White is the perfect background choice for an approachable looking headshot because it is clean and doesn’t distract from the face. As a profile picture a white background catches the eye and naturally draws the viewer in to the face because there is nothing else to see in the background. Get in touch with us and we can help you pick the perfect headshot for you and your business. See our headshot information page here.

High End Headshots, Boise Idaho

I'm about to bring high end headshots to Boise Idaho. What exactly is a high end headshot? It's the headshot that sets you and your business apart from the crowd. It's the best headshot you've ever had. It's the kind of headshot that only a headshot specialist can make. If you ask ten photographers to make a headshot for you, all ten of them will say they can do it. That's because most photographers that shoot other genres like weddings, or babies, assume that headshots are easy. But chances are that none of them have actually put much thought into what makes a great headshot. As a result, most headshots out there are lackluster and don't do much for the people that use them. I'm going to change all of that when I get to Boise. I've studied the art of the headshot extensively, with some of the best headshot photographers in the world and I've put years of practice in the headshot studio. As a result, I typically make the best headshot most people have ever seen of themselves, and it doesn't take very long. Most people actually enjoy the experience, it's a lot more fun than people expect. Read more about everything that goes into our headshots here.

Of course a high end headshot is not cheap. It costs to stand out from the crowd. It costs to hire the best. But it pays off too. People at the top know that you usually get a lot more value when you spend more. I've put a lot of hard work into honing my craft to a truly professional level and I charge professional prices in accordance with my skill level. For more information on headshot pricing click here

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