It’s my job to make the best headshots people have ever seen of themselves, regardless of what profession they’re in. Models and actors need very different headshots than lawyers and realtors. Executives need different headshots than musicians. Every headshot and portrait we make at Paul Bellinger Photography is unique to the person and what they need it for. That being said, there are some universal best practices when it comes to making an effective headshot, and you can read all about the general principles of our headshot philosophy on the session information page here.

But given that most of our clients are business professionals I thought I’d mention three things to avoid in a professional business headshot.

1. Don’t try to stand out by using colorful wardrobe, weird angles, or a unique background or setting. The goal is not to stand out by looking different, but to stand out by looking your best. More often than not, trying to get creative with wardrobe or setting will make you stand out for the wrong reasons, looking tacky or worse, looking unprofessional. This is why I recommend business professionals use a white, gray or black background depending on their branding, a tight crop that features the eyes and not the wardrobe, and lighting that flatters the face so the unique beauty of each face is what stands out.

2. Don’t cheap out on your headshot. Sure, we all know someone with a camera and headshots don’t seem that difficult right? Wrong. You’re a professional, you should hire a professional. There is an art to making headshots that stand out for the right reasons and if your photographer isn’t a headshot specialist then chances are good your new headshot will do more harm than good. If you’re a professional, you know how important specialization is, and how big of a difference it can make. Not only will the quality of the headshot be better, the entire experience will be better. Imagine you need a tooth removed, you can have your friend with a nice pair of pliers remove it for free, or go to a dentist and pay a professional price. Either way the tooth will come out, but you’ll have a much better experience with the dentist. That being said, coming to my studio is nothing like going to the dentist. I’ve honed my craft to the point that I can typically make the best headshot anyone has seen of themselves in about 5 minutes in front of my camera. Most people actually enjoy the experience and leave looking good and feeling confident. It’s a good experience and I charge a professional price for it.

3. Don’t put off getting a new headshot. Business professionals in particular are expected to have a current headshot and it’s a sign of professionalism. People often use outdated headshots because they look skinnier or younger, but for a business professional, a great headshot is not about looking skinny or young, it’s about looking like your best self today. Being 10 pounds heavier or 10 years older than you’d like is no excuse for having an outdated or unprofessional headshot. Looking unprofessional is so much worse than looking 10 pounds heavier, and the people that matter are going to be looking at your eyes and the quality of your headshot, not your weight. Think no one will notice that your headshot is 10 years old? Think again. Everything about your old headshot is probably dated, from the wardrobe and hairstyle to the background and lighting. It’s obvious, and it sends the wrong signals. In contrast, staying updated with your headshot shows that you take your professionalism seriously, that you take initiative, you’re ambitious and you don’t cut corners. They say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” and the same goes for headshots. Want people to take you seriously? Do everything you can to stand out for the right reasons. An up to date headshot is an easy thing you can do to stand out and with the right photographer you’ll stand out for the right reasons.

For more information about sittings please see our headshot pricing page here. To book a headshot sitting please visit our contact page here.


It’s official, my wife and I are here in Boise now and all moved in to our new house. My wife starts teaching at Boise State in the fall and I am looking for a studio in downtown Boise. I’ll be looking at studio spaces this week and next and will hopefully get moved in and ready to start making Boise’s best headshots by the end of July. In the meantime I am waiving all location fees for shooting headshots on location at your business. For on location headshots I can do as many as 4 to 40 headshots in one day. Stay tuned to this blog and our Instagram account @boiseheadshots for upcoming headshot specials. More updates to come.

This is Cozi’s new headshot! She crushed her “All Business” headshot session and picked out one of her favorites from the white background. I love the confidence in her sparkling blue eyes, and her inviting smile. White is the perfect background choice for an approachable looking headshot because it is clean and doesn’t distract from the face. As a profile picture a white background catches the eye and naturally draws the viewer in to the face because there is nothing else to see in the background. Get in touch with us and we can help you pick the perfect headshot for you and your business. See our headshot information page here.

High End Headshots, Boise Idaho

I'm about to bring high end headshots to Boise Idaho. What exactly is a high end headshot? It's the headshot that sets you and your business apart from the crowd. It's the best headshot you've ever had. It's the kind of headshot that only a headshot specialist can make. If you ask ten photographers to make a headshot for you, all ten of them will say they can do it. That's because most photographers that shoot other genres like weddings, or babies, assume that headshots are easy. But chances are that none of them have actually put much thought into what makes a great headshot. As a result, most headshots out there are lackluster and don't do much for the people that use them. I'm going to change all of that when I get to Boise. I've studied the art of the headshot extensively, with some of the best headshot photographers in the world and I've put years of practice in the headshot studio. As a result, I typically make the best headshot most people have ever seen of themselves, and it doesn't take very long. Most people actually enjoy the experience, it's a lot more fun than people expect. Read more about everything that goes into our headshots here.

Of course a high end headshot is not cheap. It costs to stand out from the crowd. It costs to hire the best. But it pays off too. People at the top know that you usually get a lot more value when you spend more. I've put a lot of hard work into honing my craft to a truly professional level and I charge professional prices in accordance with my skill level. For more information on headshot pricing click here

High End Headshots Boise Pricing

Boise Idaho headshot photographer - we're moving to Boise!

I am really excited to announce that we'll be moving our headshot and portrait studio to downtown Boise Idaho this summer (2017). I will be in Boise soon to start looking for a new studio and to start networking with the creative community so I can put a proper team together. I'm hoping we'll be all moved in by the end of July, but I will start taking sittings as soon as I arrive. I will be shooting headshots and portraits on location until the studio is ready, and will be waiving all location fees until that time. I can set up my headshot studio on location at almost any office, making it very convenient for anyone in your office to get a new professional headshot. Great headshots, group rates, and no location fees, it doesn't get much better than that! Get in touch to see what we can do for your business!