It’s official, my wife and I are here in Boise now and all moved in to our new house. My wife starts teaching at Boise State in the fall and I am looking for a studio in downtown Boise. I’ll be looking at studio spaces this week and next and will hopefully get moved in and ready to start making Boise’s best headshots by the end of July. In the meantime I am waiving all location fees for shooting headshots on location at your business. For on location headshots I can do as many as 4 to 40 headshots in one day. Stay tuned to this blog and our Instagram account @boiseheadshots for upcoming headshot specials. More updates to come.

This is Cozi’s new headshot! She crushed her “All Business” headshot session and picked out one of her favorites from the white background. I love the confidence in her sparkling blue eyes, and her inviting smile. White is the perfect background choice for an approachable looking headshot because it is clean and doesn’t distract from the face. As a profile picture a white background catches the eye and naturally draws the viewer in to the face because there is nothing else to see in the background. Get in touch with us and we can help you pick the perfect headshot for you and your business. See our headshot information page here.