I’m excited to announce that we’ve signed the lease on a new studio in Boise! Soon you’ll be able to swing by the studio and get the best headshot you’ve seen in 30 minutes or less. The studio is located off of Vista Ave between Overland and Kootenai. I’m new to Boise but I think it’s a great location, near downtown but with lots of free parking, it should be convenient for most people in Boise. 

If you’ve never had your headshot made in a studio, I think you’ll find it usually creates a better experience and better results than having me come to your location and set up in your office. I think there are a few reasons why people like the studio more. People generally like to get out of the office, so any change of environment can be energizing and that energy shows in the pictures. The environment is more conducive to making good pictures: we have music, total control over the lighting and backgrounds, and none of the typical office distractions. Most people are rarely in a photo studio so it’s kind of special, and they tend to take it a little more seriously. It’s a lot more private than setting up in your conference room, so people tend to be less self conscious when they’re in my studio and that enables me to get the best out of them. Lastly, it’s more affordable because there are no location fees for coming to the studio.

I’ve updated the address on this site and on the contact page. We’re ready to take on studio headshots and portraits by appointment only. There will be some construction going on in the studio for the next few weeks, but we’ll be able to work around the construction schedule. For now, the studio will be bare bones and essentials. I want to keep it minimal this time around, I really appreciate having the wide open space so I can be as creative as possible. I’ll post updates and pictures once the construction is wrapped. Until the studio is completely ready we’re still waiving location fees, so there’s never been a better time to have me come to your office and update everyone’s headshot at once. Contact us here.