group portraits vs. group composites

Boise corporate headshot photographer group portrait

The problems with Group Portraits

Group portraits are great for showing off your team, but often they are a big hassle to coordinate and don’t turn out that great. To start, it’s difficult to get all of your team at one place, at one time. It’s inconvenient to try and line up so many schedules at once, and if your team grows you have to do it all over again, year after year. More importantly, group portraits usually don’t look that great. It’s difficult enough getting one person to look good in controlled studio setting alone, but trying to get an entire group of people to look great all at the same time is almost impossible if you’re not working with professional models. There is always one person making an unflattering facial expression or standing in an awkward pose. These difficulties are multiplied by a distracting location and a group dynamic that entices some to act out for the crowd, while making others feel insecure. The result is a group portrait that simply doesn’t look as good as it could.

The solution: Group composites

Group composites solve both problems with group portraits by shooting each member of your team and photoshopping them into a group photo. Individual team members can schedule a time to come by the studio on their own and get their headshot and group shot done in one convenient sitting. As you add new team members the entire group doesn’t have to coordinate for a new group photo, simply send the new team members by the studio and we’ll add them to the group photo. The results also look better. By coming to the studio for a one on one shoot, I can work with each individual to make sure they look their best in both their headshot and group pose, and I can do it quickly. When everyone is looking their best your team photo will look great.


The initial setup fee for a group composite is $500. A group composite sitting is $200 per person, which includes a retouched headshot and retouched full body portrait added to the group composite for each person.